My Purpose

Putting into words what I believe my purpose is, has been difficult.  I first have a heart for children.  They’re so precious and open.  Their honesty can be abrupt, but there’s no guile.  I feel it is important for parents to appreciate the blessing their children bring.  Letting yourself be open to what they bring to the table, their perspective as they age and innocence in their youth.  With that said, never forgetting that we, adults, are their guides.  I take parenthood seriously and thank God for my daughter.  She has helped me mature in ways that my introverted self would not have otherwise.  I hope this site will be a place for inspiration of their creativity.  It starts in the home and all the initial art is that of my daughter throughout the years.

I also want to be a shoulder for other parents, especially single parents.  Parenting is hard.  I will never argue that fact.  Can I say that single parenting is harder?  In some ways yes, and in others not so much. 

Much of my books will lend to both of these perspectives. I can help just one person, who helps someone else, then I will feel accomplished in my purpose.  I pray for you and your family.  May you too find your purpose.